Meet Maria, Gustav and the whole crew!

Gustav and Maria Norman are the founders and the ones in charge when it comes to Arboga Riddarna. They live in the countryside between Arboga and Örebro and run their thriving business with passion, high professionalism, experience and lots of knowhow. Gustav and Maria have organised many jousts of various kinds and built a wide network of passionate and proficient talens of knights, squires and stand-ins.

Maria is your contact for all administration in the business. She books events, organises jousts and much more. She even is trained in sewing and sews most of the costumes and other props.

Gustav fixes all the practical inquiries and takes care of the equipment for the crew and incoming client bookings. He is one of Swedens best knights and finishes always top in jousts.
He has even won the Swedish Championship in jousts.

Arboga Riddarna have invested in a new riding facility which is used as a training facility and which provides the possibility to teach whoever wants to try out being a knight or horse rider.

Keep an eye in our news flash for upcoming courses!

Gustav Normans Hovslageri (farrier) is also situated in Lunger.